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The PROOVE Project, is Proactive Responsible Outreach Over Violence with Education, and launched as a platform to host and promote sustainable solutions that build our residents and communities. While program focus is addressing the reduction of violence in our communities, this platform also aims at reducing poverty and disparity, which stems from the criminal element of violence by increasing education, employment, and recreation.


It’s been proven, “idle minds” caused by the absence of challenged alternative activities, a lack of neutral and equitable resources, and an environment that can lead to economic inequality, grim outlook potential, heightened hyperactivity, and the nurturance of negative outcomes such as imprisonment, educational challenges, fractured family structures, and repetitive cycles prohibit growth and lack of quality of life.


Establishing direct partnerships with public and private individuals from all sectors, greatly assist our goals and outcomes. When we begin to introduce the necessary tools required for a sustained outlook; lives can be impacted, communities are better, and the resources, programs, schools, courts, hospitals, and systems established to help, are less strained or overwhelmed. Positive production, direct engagement, bravery, morality, ethics, humility, and respect are all required. It is not a singular job, nor will it be successful without a sustained approach and the will to meet these challenges where they are.

Data shows where the gaps tend to be wider, there are signs of infectious behavior, and there cannot be a lack of direct contact, and care for why it is happening. We believe in growth, family, possibility, worth, production, and service. Poor decision making starts with misunderstanding, confusion, a lack of focus, and perhaps, a lack of compassion. 



Managing to assist citizens with responsible options in areas such as:

Life Management Skills and Social Service Assistance – given to help with acquiring birth certificates, Social Security cards, and other important personal documents. They are also directed to the proper services resource in any case of immediate hardship or emergency needs; key in domestic violence situations that can burden family structure.

Wellness Support – providing access to confidential wellness evaluation and therapeutic counseling.

Legal Support – to create periodic sessions where participants are provided with free legal services resources to address barriers to employment and self-sufficiency.

Crime Survivor Support Services – facilitating group bridging with survivor mentors helping survivors of crimes and connecting them to support services.

Employment/Education Referrals – to foster relationships with employers, so that citizens are provided with access and referral to employment and job training opportunities.

High Risk Intervention (HRI): The High-Risk Interventionist team’s primary responsibility is to respond to community-based violence incidents based on intelligence from the community or law enforcement. HRI connects those engaged in violence to supportive counseling, crisis intervention assessment and mediation, referrals, and resource information to restore peace and avoid arrest and incarceration.

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