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You're Only as Good as...

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

What are we providing for them to stand on? Are they to be as capable if we're not culpable?

“One of the major concerns of parents was their children's protection while at school. When asked about schools' shortcomings, parents named the safety and welfare of their children as their greatest fear. The media repeatedly covered incidents of shootings by students not only in high schools but also in middle schools across the country. Senseless deaths of students and teachers horrified the nation. While test scores and improved achievement remained key educational goals, increasingly schools were forced to wrestle with violent students. Metal detectors, police presence, and routine locker searches became common in schools across the country. Urban, suburban, and rural schools alike all faced similar student safety issues."

This statement made from in an article addressing concerns in the 1990's.

So we'd want to think things have changed.

People did. Mostly changed from going to schools that seemingly were the culprits of housing student populations thought to hinder their children, or neighborhoods from learning. What did the rest of us learn?

would likely drain social, health, welfare, political, and economic resources.”

These concerns have become more pressing largely in response

to putative losses in educational attainment among nonminority children. The

undereducation of minority children is

arguably an equally serious, if not

greater threat to strength and wellness.

These same children will make up the bulk of the

adult labor force in the next century. Or not. An

underclass of poorly educated minority

children would likely drain social,

health, welfare, political, and economic

resources. - Leon Williams, 1990

the PROOVE Project is not an answer to solve violent crime. We are an effort to educate all of our society, offer resources, assist understanding of root causes, and work within the concert of collaborative partnering agents and agencies to reduce the reasons, and in some cases, the excuses we have for violent crime offenders.

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