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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Natural vision is recognizing what you see. Unnatural vision is pretending it's not what it factually is, yet rather how you would like to see it.

The definition of control is rooted in intention. There is no need to ignore the might it holds and the might it takes. Fear.

"leaders who feed fear typically are also ones who avoid facts"

Those who spend hours, years, and lives in efforts to improve their surroundings are either selfish or selfless. Agree or not... it's not a lie.

Off The Top

Taking the necessary steps to be the start of a better situation is applauded depending on what the cheers are for. In this case, the project seeks to apply better. Better communities, perhaps better citizens. We, the organizers, trainers, helpers, can never be spectators in these efforts. Skepticism comes with the territory of our efforts. It can not be a deterrent.

We aren't the innovators, founders, first, or the best. But we are the leaders and we walk with concern and consideration. We don't want to be described like what Barry mentioned as the "leaders who feed fear and that typically are also who avoid facts".

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